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.com vs .in Which Is Better? Confusion resolved!

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Choosing The Right Domain Extension Is A Confusing Task. It Is One Of The Most Important Things To Do As Domain Extension Is A Base For Any Website/ Landing Page/ Online Blog.

Though Choosing The Right/Wrong Domain Extension Is Not The End Of The Process For Ranking Your Landing Page/ Website Development/ Online Blog On Google! It Is As Important As A Diet Plan In Your Weight Loss Process! You Can Still Loose Weight Without A Diet Plan By Running Those Double Extra Miles But Having a Diet Plan Makes It Easier Right! Just The Same With Choosing The Right Domain Extensions. Choosing The Right One Helps You Rank A Bit Faster and Easier.

Now Let Me Tell You How To Choose The Right Domain Extension .com or .in Based On A Few Factors!

Credibility and The Charm:

Most people all over the world are familiar with the .com extension compared to the .in. People and business in India as well have chosen .com over .in in the past and the favourite has always been .com. It has an easy recall value and hence makes it a little more credible to use .com. Likewise even top Indian brands have their websites put up using .com domain extension and using .com has an advantage of driving a little higher traffic to your website compared to the .in extension.

Data Privacy:

WHOIS Privacy not supported for .in domain extensions! WHOIS means anyone in the world can see who owns the the domain and can even get the details like contact and email id. Whereas, the .com extension has an option for WHOIS privacy. With the amount of crimes happening these days with respect to the webspace privacy is a serious affair and also making you vulnerable at some level to be the victim of such activities. Though choosing a .com extension does not make it completely secure but still has an advantage over the .in domain extension.

The Choice Of Google- The King Of Search Engine’s:

The primary task of any landing page/website/online blog is more visibility and reach. The one and only factor that influences the reach is the search engine optimisation. The reach is directly proportional to the visibility on the search engine. Google has a history of favouring .com extensions while comparing .in extensions.

To Conclude it with a simple statement .com extension is comparitively better than a .in extension in general.

P.S if you are already using a .in extension take a chill pill as there are millions of people using it and still getting a good visibility online.

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