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Adapt Or Phase Out - A New Era Has Already Begun!

The pandemic has been long gone or not! But has brought in a change of how things are done. A lot of unexpected things have happened when businesses displayed resilience and a lot of unexpected trends are about to change the way we do business. The unexpected is going to be the new normal from 2023!

It is not an incidental reaction that you give in response to the unexpected trends that can save or uplift your business but its the preparedness for the un expected is the only thing that can save your business from phasing out.

How To Be Prepared?

In order to be prepared you must get your basic things right! Here is a list of those basic business essentials in the new normal.

  1. Having a fully functional website where your propsective customers can learn about your business at brief and leave the golden information (business contact and business details) back before leaving the site.

  2. Keeping your social profiles in a decent shape (i.e your instagram, linkedin).

  3. Listing your business on Google Business Profiles.

Once you are done with these bare minimum must do things you are way ahead than 80% of the existing businesses.

  • Less Than 25% of the businesses have made the bare minimum effort to even put up a social media post online or have a linkedin account.

  • Less Than 5% of businesses even have a product page or a website to list out their offerings.

  • Less Than 3% of the businesses have even spent money online on promoting their products and services on various places like google, facebook, instagram, linkedin, etc,.

When all of them decide to come online at the same or similar time there is going to be a lot of clutter and the competition increases 30 fold which will make life difficult for the small businesses!

So, escaping the clutter and at the same time getting more visibility is the right step to take.

If you ask me when is the right time to do it? I would say now because it's already late!

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